The Secret to Retiring with Passive Income

You’re tired of trading your time to make money...

And you want to create so much passive income so you can retire if you want to... to have true time and financial freedom

To do what you want, when you want, with who you want

You can do it, just like I did.

I went from 50k in debt to retiring early in 4 years.

And now my passive income is more than I used to make a year...

And you can do it too.

I want to help more good people like you become financially free. Because when you do...

You'll have more time to live, and do more good for your family and the world.

We have two Programs to help people get Financial Freedom asap


Financial Freedom Bootcamp

Entry Level Program

Who it's for: Hardworking people who want to retire with passive income in less than 10 years


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Wealth Accelerator

Advanced Program

Who it's for: Highly paid professionals, business owners, and experienced real estate investors who want more hands-on coaching so they can maximize their investments and retire in as little as 1 - 3 years.

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What our members say about Wealth Gym


Wealth Gym has changed my life. Knowing I have a purpose and I'm working towards financial freedom in the next 5 years means the world to me. If you think working for the rest of your life is the way it's supposed to be, well let me tell you that Ari, Chris and the Wealth Gym team changing that. They can travel whenever they want and do what they want to do. If you just do what Ari does in Wealth Gym and do what she tells you to do, I have no doubt we'll be just as financially free as they are. It's given me a certain level of confidence and certain level of purpose to know I'm not going to work the rest of my life. 


Wealth Gym helped me go from 20k in debt to debt free, and now I'm investing for financial freedom!  Guys the strategies they provide really work and I implore you, if you want to change your financial situation check Wealth Gym out. Life changing, truly!!!


My husband and I have been on the journey to financial freedom but we never have taken a formal course. When I heard about this I was super excited and jumped at the chance. It's important for us busy entrepreneurs to have the self paced option but have the support of the Wealth Gym Community who are all rockstars in the investing space. We got access to some of the nation's top investors who are also buildling towards the goal of financial freedom. I also love the Freedom Calculator that helps you see how close you are to financial freedom and what you can tweak to get there faster. 

I want to Fast Track Financial Freedom