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I’ve been going through it and it’s a huge value add! I’ve aleady got light bulbs going off about decisions and directions to take to increase passive income!


I have been meaning to put all our info of our current financial status in one place - the calculator is a very cool way to do just that.


When we started the Meeting he had a paper with our rentals on it and the specifics for each to fill in. When I showed him the calculator he LOVED IT!!


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Wealth Gym™ Financial Freedom Bootcamp


  • The entire step-by-step plan Ari used to go from 50k in debt to 10k/month in passive income within 3 years in Wealth Gym™ Financial Freedom Bootcamp (Self Paced Online Training)
  • Facebook Community access with like-minded wealth creators
  • 1 year online access to the Wealth Gym Freedom CalculatorYour custom financial dashboard for tracking your progress. Use this to build strategies to fast-track retirement and financial freedom!
  • BONUS : Get Your Spouse on Board training so that you can do this as a team
  • BONUS : Improving your Credit Score 101 which allows you to invest straight away without your score holding you back

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